About Pavillon Place

    Pavillon Place is a multi-faceted recovery residence built upon five foundational elements which provide a unique and comprehensive experience for men in early recovery.

    • 12-Step cornerstone 

    Our recovery residence is situated in a location that allows for ample access to meetings and integration with the community.  Pavillon Place provides a real life recovery experience.  This experience of becoming successfully engaged in the fellowship can then be generalized to their home communities upon completion of the Pavillon Place program.  

    • Vocational/educational services  

    Life on life terms is an important element of recovery and the workplace provides ample opportunity for living out the challenges associated with staying clean and sober.  We believe that productive use of free time is essential to the process and we are very intentional in our efforts to engage the resident in work, school or volunteering. The greater Greenville area offers a variety of excellent opportunities including four-year universities, private colleges, arts and technical schools and specialty certification programs. (Educational Resources in Greenville.) We offer assistance with finding volunteer activities and jobs when appropriate in the recovery cycle.

    • Fun in recovery

     We believe that addiction is life taking.  It destroys the addict and everyone around him.  We also believe that recovery is life giving and should not be experienced as a joyless burden.  At Pavillon Place we embrace life in all its manifestations and this includes exposure to various experiential activities. 

    • Ongoing family education, support and consultation  

    At Pavillon Place we understand the complex nature of addiction.  We are fully aware of the impact addiction had on the family system.  Therefore, we are of the opinion that ongoing family involvement is essential to the recovery process.  Through regular contact with qualified staff family members will be given ongoing support and feedback essential to the process of recovery. 

    • Consultation with and direct access to high quality clinical services  

    An essential part of the early recovery experience is involvement with an appropriate level of clinical care.  Life at Pavillon Place forges a solid sober living experience with continued professional out patient therapy by certified substance abuse counselors from Pavillon Outpatient Services.