Pavillon Place Recovery Community - Admission Eligibility and Process

  • Completed Inpatient Program and/or achieved 30 days minimum of Abstinence from Substance use
  • Medical and Psychiatric Stability
  • Appropriate Level of Readiness and Motivation
1) Pre-Admission Interview – Reviewed by Support Staff and Supervisor for Approval
2) Community Orientation Conference – Facilitated by Support Staff between Potential Resident and Current Community Members (On-Duty Staff Phone 864-230-4999) 

3) Scheduled Outpatient Services Assessment Appointment (Outpatient Service Office 864-241-6688)


NOTE: Program Fees for First Full Month and Prorated if move–in after the 10th are Due at, or before, time of Admission.


Pavillon Place is an Early Recovery Residence for men adjacent to Pavillon's Outpatient Services and centrally located in beautiful Greenville, SC.  Pavillon Place provides a safe and sober living environment for men in early recovery.  Our staff supported, peer-to-peer program strengthens and facilitates personal growth during the critical months of early recovery. Combined with Pavillon's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), life at Pavillon Place forges a solid sober living experience with continued professional outpatient therapy by certified substance abuse counselors.  Our residents also get connected to the strong Greenville recovery community through 12 Step/Mutual Support meetings, employment, service work, and fellowship activities.

Recovery oriented Pavillon Place staff are available 24/7 and are on-site to provide structure and support while residents are engaged in reintegration into life via employment, education, and volunteer service. New residents are given the opportunity to join the "Pavillon Family," while continuing residents from Pavillon Inpatient in Mill Spring, NC are able to remain connected to the "Continuum of Pavillon Care."
Our program is offered in conjunction with Outpatient Services that are provided along a 3-6 month time continuum.  Our support team, including individuals and families being served, continuously access the recovery needs of those we serve and makes adjustment to the continuing care plan when and were needed. Community members reside at Pavillon Place average of 3-9 months prior to transition into recovery-oriented independent living.  Many Alumni of our program remain very connected and active within the Pavillon Recovery Community and represent an essential element to our ongoing mutual support model.
Pavillon Place Recovery Community for Men Facilitates:
  • Personal sense of accountability, responsibility and growth though the development and maintenance of a Recovery-Oriented Lifestyle
  • Safe, productive, challenging and rewarding living environment
  • Frequent/Random Drug Screening with Lab Confirmation (2X Weekly)
  • Onsite professional counselors, social workers, and recovery support staff - life-skills building & critical thinking using a solution focused approach
  • Weekly Adventures In Recovery (A.I.R.) utilizing experiential approaches for facilitating personal and community growth
  • Camaraderie and peer support through fellowship activities and community cohesion (Weekly Meals, Chores, Community Council Meetings, Process Groups, Community Service/Legacy Projects...etc)
  • Daily Facilitation/Transportation to Mutual Support/12 step meetings (AA/NA/FAVOR/SMART Recovery...etc) 5 weekly Onsite Mutual Support Groups (NA/AA/Alumni)
  • Location next to Pavillon Greenville Outpatient Services offering clinical services, counseling and recovery coaching by skilled professionals as well as access to our psychiatrist Dr. Roberts and ASAM Certified Addictionlogist, Dr. Smith.
  • Assistance with education, vocational, volunteer activities and employment attainment as parallel processes with ongoing and continuous recovery support.
  • Integration with recovering Pavillon alumni and the local recovering community
  • 1.5 Miles from Downtown Greenville - Shops, Restaurants, Grocery, Employment, etc.