Our Team

Chip Wiggins, CAC-P, House Manager

Chip has been working in the field of Addiction/Recovery for over 6 years and has personal Recovery experience of over 8 Years. He is registered with NAADAC/SCAADAC as a Certified Addictions Counselor in process. Over years of providing services to others Chip has honed an inspiring and effective skill-set.  Many residents of the Pavillon Place Community often comment on how easy it is to get to know Chip, and feel comfortable sharing the challenges of early recovery with him.  Chip is committed to helping individuals and their families seek and discover the miracles of practicing a Recovery-Oriented Lifestyle. 


On-site Recovery Support Specialists


Jim Brooks is the longest running member of the Pavillon Place Support Staff.  Jim joined the team in the very beginning of the program, a few weeks before we started providing services to our residents in February 2010.  Jim has been practicing personal Recovery for over 8 years and brings a wealth of practical experience and wisdom to the table while working with all the various members of the Pavillon Place community, both Residents and Staff.  Jimís patience, skill and solid character provide a safe harbor for men in early recovery who are often experiencing the stormy waters of life in new ways without the use of Substances. 


Charles Dean, CNA is a strong advocate for recovery and active alumni of Pavillon Recovery Services in both Mill Spring and Greenville.  Having been the very first resident of the community at its inception, Charles is well aware of the benefits and challenges related to participating in a recovery community of men.  Charles has been practicing personal Recovery over the past 5 years and his unique experience contributes valuable insight and empathy when working with our community members at Pavillon Place.  Charles shares with our community members his own personal experience, strength and hope and represents a living example of the possibilities and miracles of recovery. While living amongst the Pavillon Place community in 2011 Charles earned his Certification as a Nursing Assistant (CNA), successfully transitioned into Independent Living and has been practicing as a helping professional over the past 4 years.


Marc Burrows, NCPRSS, CAC-P brings a strong enthusiasm for recovery and personal growth to the community of men living at Pavillon Place at any given time.  He is a Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and a practicing Certified Addictions Counselor in process, registered with NAADAC/SCAADAC.  Marc has years of experience as a professional Chef and contributes his passion for food and nutrition to his work with our Recovery Community. Marc has been practicing recovery for over 3 years and during the past year started his professional career providing services for individuals and Families seeking Addiction/Recovery.


Casey Cox is a Pavillon and Pavillon Place Alumni who took advantage of all services provided and utilized them appropriately. Casey has multiple years clean and sober. Casey works 2nd shift and plays a big role in helping Pavillon Place residents find their own path in sober living.

Thomas Nelson is a Pavillon Place Alumni who has been clean and sober for multiple years. Thomas is very active in the local sober community and he uses those resources to help others get connected to sober living. Thomas works part time on the weekends at Pavillon Place and is instrumental in helping Pavillon Place residents stay focused on their recovery. .